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"To the staff at Keshlyn Kennel,

Thanks so much for taking care of my babies while we
were on vacation. It is
a relief to know I can leave them in such caring hands.

Thanks so much!"

Brent and Susan A.
"I never had the chance to thank you for
taking such good care of me at
camp. I had a blast!! Thank you again and
I can't wait to come back. I love
being spoiled - thanks for playing with me
so much!"


Simba F.
When I lived in Lexington, I would always take my dogs to Keshlyn. They are not
terribly expensive and are what I like to call "dog-oriented." Keshlyn offers perks, but
frills like classical music, fountains and so on, but only walk the dogs like 2x per day. I
certainly would hate being limited to two bathroom trips per day! Keshlyn offers
decently sized runs, including doubles and triples for multi-dog boarding. Each run has
its own indoor and an outdoor area (separated from other dogs). Weather permitting,
they open the doors and let the dogs go outside of their own accord. Keshlyn also has
some runs with lower thresholds for arthritic dogs (I always requested this for mine
since both have arthritis). The folks at Keshlyn are wonderful, and will give your dog
any needed meds and will prepare your dogs' food with whatever odd additives are
required. They really seem to like dogs, and have their best interests at heart.
Playtimes are only $3, so we'd always pay for two per day. My elderly dog hates to be
boarded, and she would have bad dreams (lots of growling) after being boarded most
places. Several times we picked her up at other kennels and she whined nonstop until
we got home. Not so at Keshlyn. The dogs actually seemed to have a good time there,
Keshlyn is out Tate's Creek Road (way out, but definitely worth the drive). They are
popular, however-plan a month in advance if you need to board during busy holiday
times or during the peak vacation times in the summer. They will also bathe your pups
and have them dry and smelling nice for you when you pick them up for a small fee.

If you do end up deciding on a kennel,
Keshlyn Kennel is a great place. My
parents have been taking family dogs
there for years. They have an
indoor/outdoor section in each kennel
so the dog can choose to go outside to
potty or lay in the sun, and when it
gets too hot they lock the dogs in the
indoor area of their pens and turn on
the air! Their kennels are big enough
so that the dogs can move around and
don't stay caged all day. They also
offer walks and playtimes each day.
Every time we've gone to pick up our
pets their they are totally happy, just
hoarse from barking at each other.
My dogs, Max and Gandhi, have absolutely been the loves of my entire life.  Anybody
who knows me is aware of how discriminating I am with anything having to do with
Max and Gandhi.  Here’s an example of what I mean.  Max passed away in 2003 but  
Gandhi has been on a raw food diet from day one consisting of 75% raw organic
ground meat and 25% raw organic vegetables (10 different vegetables) made into a
puree with purified water.    He has never been sick a day in his life and is in a vibrant
state of health.  Carolyn and everyone at Keshlyn Kennel exceed the standard of
excellence I expect.  The night before their monthly grooming appointment, I tell
them we’re going to see Carolyn the next morning and they can’t wait.  One the
morning of the appointment, as soon as they eat, they are jumping on the door telling
me it’s time to go to Keshlyn Kennel.  Carolyn has been the only person who has ever
groomed Max and Gandhi.  They look incredible every time they are groomed.  
Carolyn is an artist with dogs.  Sheri, Marianne, Barb, and everyone at Keshlyn is an
absolute pleasure to deal with.  These are true dog lovers who treat your dogs with
the ultimate in care and affection.  I am delighted to recommend these wonderful
people to you.  But be warned,  once you experience going there, nowhere else will
ever measure up.  With great gratitude, Barry Nickell, Lexington, KY.  
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take our puppy Charlie, to Keshlyn Kennel! he loved it! We
used to go to a old kennel that wasn't that good! Once we
found Keshlyn Kennel we loved the staff, the daycare and the
care and respect they give toward the animals!
The Geoghegan Family
Thank you soooooo much Sheri!  I really appreciate all that
everyone did for Ozzie while there - We just got home a few
himself with his "stuff"!  We will definitely bring Ozzie back
everyone did for Ozzie while there - We just got home a few
the next time we head out of town - I am grateful to your the
next time we head out of town - I am grateful to your
wonderful facility and personnel!
Hi Sheri,

Thank you so much for taking good care of
our babies. They had a blast. It is so nice to
know that there is a place where we can take
them when we need to leave town and know
that they are well taken care of. Thank you so
much for the pics too!!!

See you next time!!!
"Just wanted to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Sheri and the team
at Keshlyn Kennel.  Every single time "Lilly" and "Rascal" come to
visit for an extended stay or just come in for a "makeover" they
always come in with their tails wagging excited to see Sheri and the
staff at Keshlyn.  This is their home always from home!!!!  Thanks to
all there, you all are WONDERFUL."

Dave and Kristin Samson