Meet the Staff...
Hi, I'm Barb. I have been
working at Keshlyn Kennel for
many years, both taking care of
everybody's pets and grooming
Hi, I'm Sheri Hamlin and one of the managers
here at Keshlyn Kennel. These are my babies,  
Hadlee and Truvie. This is my family business so
I have been  helping take care of everyone's pets
since I was just a little girl. I can't think of
anything I'd rather do than take care of and
become best friends with your animals, so it is
my pleasure to pamper your pets while you are
away. Please let me know if there is anything I
can do for you and your loved ones to make you
feel more comfortable about leaving them in our
Hi! My name is Cassie. This
is my dog Ruby. As one of
the managers I will ensure
that both you and your pet
have a great experience with
Hi! My name is Emily. I am
one of the assistant
managers. This is my dog
Bruce. Taking care of
animals is my passion in life.
Hi! My name is
Danielle. I am one of
the assistant
managers. This is my
dog O
I love working with
and taking care of
Hi! My name is
Tasha and I am a
kennel technician.
This is my dog
Terra. My dream
job is to be a
dolphin trainer.
Hi! My name is
Elisabeth and I am a
kennel technician. I
absolutely love all
animals but cats are
my favorite! This is my
cat Salem!