If you have multiple dogs, we will take them out together for playtime for
the regular fee of $5.00 a session.
We have a large fenced in area where one of our staff will take out your
pet for some one on one time. This lasts for 15 to 20 minutes. We have
an assortment of toys that are kept in the yard for use during playtime.
In the summer time we bring out the baby pool for those who love the
water. Even during the cold weather or winter months, playtimes and
walks are still carried out. We do have an indoor area that we also use
for playtime for the much smaller dogs and the ones that get cold very
It's Time For Playtime!!

For an additional fee of $5.00 per session, your loved one can get
playtime or a country walk while staying with us. Your dogs will never
be left unsupervised at any given time during their walks or playtime
These are Sheri's dogs, Hadlee and
Truvie. They love to run and play with
any new friends they make.
If you prefer for your dog to have a walk instead of playtime, just request for the
country walks. We have 10 acres of beautiful country land that we use for our walks.
Want to see what our
playtimes look like?? Take
a look at some of our
guests having some fun
during their playtime on
   We do not offer group playtimes for the simple fact that you never know what
could happen and we want your dog as safe as can be while in our care. If we
don't have permission from both owners, we cannot let two dogs go out for
playtime together. However, if we feel that two dogs are really good together
and would love to play together, then we will put them side by side in our grassy
pens outside with one of our staff supervising. This way they still get to play
together through the fence with no danger to either dog. If they still seem fine
together, we can take both dogs on long 20 foot leashes and take them into the
play yard with a staff member with each dog you can request walks or playtime
with the Playtime Buddies, whose information is listed below. If you have a
neighbor or someone else that you want your dog to play with who is boarding
at the same time as your dog, just have both of the owners give us permission
and we will gladly let them have playtime together and split the cost between
the two owners for the playtime fee.
     If you would like your pet to have walks and/or playtime with other dogs,
you can request for playtime or walks with one of our personal dogs who are
better known as the playtime buddies!! We have Sheri's dogs, Hadlee or
Truvie. Hadlee is a 2 year old lab mix that loves everyone and especially loves
to play!! Truvie is a 10 month german shepherd/border collie mix. Emily has a
lab mix named Bruce who will play till he drops.. Then there is Ruby who is a 1
year old rotweiller that is super friendly and loves everyone. There is no
additional fee for having our playtime buddies go out with your dog during
playtime. There is also the option of having your dog play with one of the dogs
that are joining us for daycare.