Meet the Owners
Kevin and Carolyn Hamlin have owned
Keshlyn Kennel since 1974.  They live on the
premises, providing continuous care for your
favorite family pets.  You can feel at ease
knowing their house is located behind the
kennel on the same property. Their  daughter
Sheri Hamlin has since became manager of  
the facility. The kennel has fire and safety
alarms, and  also sound monitors so they can
constantly keep your  pets supervised, even
while in their house. Keshlyn Kennel is our
home and we  want to make sure your loved
one feels like it is also  their second home.
Here is the Hamlin family...

Carolyn (with Stubby the cat),
Kevin, and their daughter
Sheri (with Lanie)
Here is the past Christmas with
Sheri and her two dogs, Maylee
and Lanie. They were very
happy to open one of their new
Here is Sheri with her two
dogs, Lanie and Maylee. her
dogs as you will frequently
see them throughout the
kennel as they help greet
and socialize with your
loved ones.

It is a combination of all of our first names. The "Ke" comes from my father
"Kevin", and the "sh" comes from my name "Sheri", and the "lyn" comes from
my mothers name "Carolyn".