Our groomers have over 40 years
experience and their motto is:
"We groom the way you want it
That is the key behind our grooming. It doesn't matter
if you have a bichon that you want to look like a poodle
or a golden retriever you want to look like a lion. It is
your dog and we will groom it however you want it
From left to right:
Barbara Abney- sister
Carolyn Hamlin - owner
Grooming prices vary for each dog/cat,
depending on several different things.  
Prices are determined by:

  • Time spent grooming
  • Condition and length of hair
  • Pet's size
  • Cooperation of pet
  • If pet has fleas or requires
    special/medicated shampoo
  • Any price increase in our grooming

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Check out these pretty pooches...
Here is "Gandhi", owned by Mr. Nickell. Please take a look at
his testimony about his grooming experience with us:

My dogs, Max and Gandhi, have absolutely been the loves of
my entire life.  Anybody who knows me is aware of how
discriminating I am with anything having to do with Max and
Gandhi.  Here’s an example of what I mean.  Max passed
away in 2003 but  Gandhi has been on a raw food diet from
day one consisting of 75% raw organic ground meat and 25%
raw organic vegetables (10 different vegetables) made into a
puree with purified water.    He has never been sick a day in
his life and is in a vibrant state of health.  Carolyn and
everyone at Keshlyn Kennel exceed the standard of
excellence I expect.  The night before their monthly
grooming appointment, I tell them we’re going to see
Carolyn the next morning and they can’t wait.  One the
morning of the appointment, as soon as they eat, they are
jumping on the door telling me it’s time to go to Keshlyn
Kennel.  Carolyn has been the only person who has ever
groomed Max and Gandhi.  They look incredible every time
they are groomed.  Carolyn is an artist with dogs.  Sheri,
Marianne, Barb, and everyone at Keshlyn is an absolute
pleasure to deal with.  These are true dog lovers who treat
your dogs with the ultimate in care and affection.  I am
delighted to recommend these wonderful people to you.  But
be warned,  once you experience going there, nowhere else
will ever measure up.  With great gratitude, Barry Nickell,
Lexington, KY.
How to set up a grooming

Please give the kennel a
grooming appointment. Your dog
has to be current on all
vaccinations. When you make a
grooming appointment, we have
you drop your dog off between
8am - 9am and schedule a time
for pick up later in the day. We
can call you as soon as they're
done or they can stay with us till
our closing time. While with us
they will have access to water
and be taken out for potty breaks
throughout their stay with us.
As you can see, our kennel cats,
"K.K."(left) and "Willie"(right),
inspect every grooming job.
We brought Max in to be groomed last week and
he just looked beautiful!  I loved how you trimmed
around his little face and basically captured his
personality.  We got him in October from
Jessamine SAVE center and he was an
abandoned, matted, flea ridden, intestinally
infected mess.  I knew underneath he was a little
gem.  I was so right and we have become rather
smitten with him!  They had a grooming free with
the rescue and we took him straight there to be
shaved to the skin almost to get the mats and
fleas all out.  He grew back really fluffy and I took
him to a place in Nicholasville in December.  He
looked nice but nothing they did nothing around
the face and eyes that really made him look
special.  We knew of your facility, so the next time
we were ready for a grooming, my husband called
and you got us right in.  You just did a wonderful
job and he still smells great.  I need to find out
what shampoo you used!  I wanted to include a
picture we took of him and his new do!  You just
have a very special touch that finishes off the
grooming with such style.  I will be singing your
praises to anyone who will listen.  Thank you
again so much for the time given to each pet
brought in to you and for all the tender loving care
you give each animal while they are there.

Thank you so much,

Roger and Tish Wilburn
Dog with an all over
short clip (puppy
Our Groomers
Sheri Hamlin -