Cancellation Policy
We are happy to accommodate
you reservation requests. At the
moment, we currently only have
a cancellation policy over
Thanksgiving and Christmas.
However, this will be changing
Current Holiday Cancellation

We have a 5 day cancellation
policy.  You must cancel at least
5 days prior to your scheduled
drop off date. If you fail to
cancel 5 days prior to your drop
off date or do not show, your
credit card will be charged for a
3 nights stay.  If you do not wish
to give a credit card number,
you can send in $63.00 (full
price for 3 nights stay) as your
deposit. If you give a credit card
number and fail to meet our
cancellation policy, we will
charge that credit card a full
three night stay or if you sent in
cash or check, we will keep it
for our failing to meet our
cancellation policy. Otherwise
your deposit of cash or check
will be applied to your boarding
We have been having an unmanageable amount of last
minute cancellations and no shows over the past holidays
and/or peak seasons. Therefore in order to accommodate
your needs and ensure the best care for your loved ones,
we will be implementing a cancellation policy for every
holiday and/or peak times. We will let you know as soon
as this new policy will take effect. So, please keep the
following in mind when reviewing our polices:
Please remember that we are holding your reservation
request pending your pet’s arrival. Many times
customers forget that our facilities are limited. When
we reach our total occupancy we have to refuse
reservation requests and turn business away or put
them on a waiting list. If you do not cancel your
reservation in a timely manner we are unable, in most
instances, to re-book the space we have held for you.
This forces us to lose revenue as well as upsetting
many families vacation plans. It would be unfortunate
to have to upset a family's vacation plans because of
lack of available space, and then come to find that we
could have accommodated them all along, because of
late cancellations or no shows.
order to provide space for your pet for the entire time you
have reserved.  Please try to help us, by just giving us a
call in advance if you are going to return early or pick up
on a later date then previously arranged. We understand
that travel plans or previous arrangements are subject to
change and that is something we plan for ahead of time.
Just please keep us informed of changes as much as
Thank you from the Staff and Management of