Dear Sheri, Carolyn, Cassie and my other Keshlyn Kennels friends,

The vet euthanized Mitzi Monday afternoon.  She was very shaky the last
several days and Sunday night she was quite ill.  I thought she was feeling
a bit better Monday, but when she tried to get up from her bed she slipped
and really hurt her hip.  She cried and whimpered - and that's not like Mitzi
at all.  She is not a complainer.  I took her to the vet.  He said he could give
her a shot that would make her more comfortable for a couple of days, but
her hip situation was not going to get better and her kidneys were failing.  
This convinced me that her time had come, but I'm still sad to lose her.  
Dr. McCord was very kind and told me that he thought this was the right
decision for her.  I stayed with her when Dr. McCord gave her the shot,
and she went very quickly and painlessly.

I am so glad I was able to be with her when she died.  You all gave me this
gift by taking such good care of her.  I think she really missed you when I
took her home, but I was still very happy to have had this time with her.  
She's been a very sweet companion for a long time.  Thank you again.

With much gratitude,
Toni O.
Over 16 years ago my husband and two kids brought home a
gentle, loving “shelter” dog we named Mitzi.  Mitzi is a
terrier/border collie mix who provided us with much joy and
fun over the years.  Not long after we got her we started
bringing her to Keshlyn Kennels whenever we went on long
trips.  Mitzi always went trotting into Keshlyn like she
belonged there.  Little did I imagine that Keshlyn would
literally become her second home.

By the summer of 2007 my husband had died and my 27 year
old son was diagnosed with cancer.  We soon learned that the
best course of treatment for Kevin was an allogeneic stem cell
transplant at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle.  
My daughter would be the donor for this transplant.  Kevin had
to remain in Seattle for at least 100 days past the date of the
transplant, and I would be with him as a primary caregiver.

Whatever was I going to do with Mitzi?  She was deaf, a very
finicky eater, and had some incontinence and confusion
problems.  I didn’t feel like there was anyone I could ask to
take her.  However, she was not in pain and still enjoyed short
walks.  I asked Keshlyn Kennels about her.  They immediately
responded with great kindness and generosity.  Mitzi stayed at
Keshlyn for over 4 months.  They loved her, played with her
and searched for food she would eat.  Sheri e-mailed updates
and photos of Mitzi to us.  Keshlyn folks doted on Mitzi – and
they gave me a very special boarding rate.  Mitzi and I could
not have received more wonderful or thoughtful care
anywhere else.  I think Mitzi is in better health and happier
now than when I left her in December.

My dear Keshlyn Kennels friends, you have truly been a
blessing for us.  Mitzi loved being with you, and I cannot thank
you enough.

Toni O.
April, 2008
Rainbow Bridge Testimonials:
Testimonial's from the family of Missy O., Mitzi O.
and Gavin W.

Dear Friends of Gavin,
Thank you for all your love and care throughout
these past 17 years. Each time we left him with
you, I knew he was among friends as well as
professionals and that gave me
great peace of
mind as we traveled. May you continue to enjoy all
you do in caring for all God's creatures.

       Gavin's Mom
Here is Sheri and
Cassie with Mitzi
during a UK
basketball game
that we all watched
together at the
Our dear sweet Missy
has departed this world
for a better place. She
brought us 10 years of
We cannot thank your
wonderful staff for all
the years of the
fantastic care and love
you gave her. So many
pills and nursing her
foot etc., etc. - She
always went in to you
guys and came out with
her tail wagging both
ways. You're great and
we thank you
so so