Boarding Rates as of 03/01/2018

Single: (one dog)
$26.00/night or $24.00/night with AAA/senior discount

-Double: (2 dogs in the same run) $45.00/night

-Triple: (3 dogs in the same run) $55.00/night


-One Cat: $16.00/night or $15.00/night with AAA/senior

-Two Cats in the same condo: $28.00/night
**When you have more then one animal staying in the
same run or the same condo, you are receiving a multiple animal
discount. Therefore the AAA discount does not apply for people with
multiple animals staying together since you are receiving a discount

**Since we charge by the night, it doesn't matter what time of day you
drop off or pick up your animal as far as your total cost of boarding.
We only ask that you pick up and drop off during our posted office
Doggie Daycare

$15.00 for one dog (your dog can stay with us
for as little or as long as you need during the
day. It is the same price of $15.00 if your dog
stays for one hour or all day long.

***We may offer discounts for multiple dogs
and/or multiple visits per week***