Playtime Gallery!!!
Above  is "Mei Mei"
enjoying a dip in the baby
"Maylee" and "Favor"
having a good time
chasing the ball and each
Caitlin and "Natasha"
playing ball.
"Patterson" enjoying his
Above is one of our
getting ready to play ball
during one of his
playtimes while staying
the day with us!!
Above is "Sumter" and "Maylee"
completely exhausted after
running and running together!!
To the right is "Scout", one of our
frequent boarders and a regular
daycare friend in action during
Playtime on,
even in the
"Takota" enjoying a good game of
tug of war with Lisa!!
Above is "Riley" and "Maylee" having a good time wrestling during playtime and
then taking a rest after being tired from playing!!
Here is Miss Molly
Marie during playtime
with Sheri on the left
and with Lisa on the
right!! She has tons
of energy and wears
all of us out by the
end of playtime!!
***To see more playtime pictures, check out our Playtime Gallery2 page.
and our
"Maylee" enjoying some
fun in the sun together.
bond as you can see in the
top picture they love to hug
each other!!