This is the outside area of
an indoor/outdoor run. The
outside run is 20 feet long.
Dog Boarding
run. When the weather is good, the doors are left open so that they are free to go
in and out as much as they want.
Indoor kennels - for older dogs or special needs dogs
Heated/air conditioned in the indoor part of the run
Raised pallets with bedding, so your dog is comfortable and not laying on
the concrete
Gravel or concrete outdoor runs, with grassy areas available to be taken out
into for those who don't like either one
Single runs or double or triple runs for dogs from the same family
Individual playtimes or country walks available upon request
Playtime with the kennel's playtime buddies available upon request
Music is piped throughout entire kennel 24 hours a day
Interaction with other dogs in a safe and controlled environment
All arriving animals are checked for fleas/ticks and if any are found, your
animal is required to have a flea bath at the owners expense before we can let
them enter the kennel.
Inside areas of an indoor/outdoor run
Above is the outside runs of our
indoor/outdoor runs, which are
completely enclosed
You are more then welcome to bring your own
bedding, such as in the above picture (Zeke's
owner brought a blanket and we wrapped it
around the blue pallets that are in each run).
Above are the outside of our indoor/outdoor runs that
are concrete on the outside. The reason we have some
runs that are concrete and some that are gravel is
The above picture is the inside
of a double size run which
accommodates families with
multiple pets that can room
You're more then welcome to
bring your pet's own bed from
home. If you don't we do
provide blankets and beds
This is a photo of one of our indoor runs.
the owner or if the dog simply is happier
and more comfortable being in an indoor
run. A lot of the little ones and geriatric
dogs do better in an inside run. If your dog
is kept in an indoor run, they will still get
constant attention throughout the day by
staff and we will take them out throughout
the day for potty breaks and walks.
This is "Cosmo" and the above
picture is his inside part of his run
and the picture below is the
outside part of his run.
These three pictures are of "Watson". He
is one of our regular guests who prefers to
have his crate from home inside the indoor
part of the run for security. These pictures
also show him in the doorway that leads to
the outside as well as him in the outdoor
part of his run.
This is "Maddie" who is also another one of
our frequent boarders. To the top left is her
inside run with her own blanket her mom
Maddie in the outside part of her run.
Here is Lilly and Rascal. They are sharing a
run together, since they are from the
same family and have no problems staying
together. The above picture is them in the
showing the outside of their run..
As you can see, the dogs can see each other as
well as touch noses. They usually get tons of
exercise running back and forth with their
neighbors. This is a safe method of interaction.
as you can see we have the door closed to
the outside run so that the dogs can stay
inside in the heat. The same goes for the
summertime with the inside being